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Precious metals are used in fuel cells to maximise the lifetime of the cell for any given performance requirement. Materials such as molybdenum or nickel are prone to deactivation owing to particle restructuring and the formation of surface adsorbed debris from the fuel component. Precious metals offer significant resistance to these effects - but, precious metals are expensive and it is vitally important for developers and manufacturers to maximise efficiency and yield.

With over 30 years of experience in Catalytic Chemistry, Ceimig has unparalleled expertise in the development and manufacture of high quality HSA (High Surface Area) materials for application in Hydrogen and Ethanol, Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) Fuel Cells.

We use a proprietary process which avoids sintering and results in materials that exhibit typical surface areas in the range 80 - 100m²/g - up to 10 times the typical surface area of industry standard materials. Surface area and porosity measures fall into a tight statistical distribution - maximising process and performance consistency and reducing waste.

Our customers see consistently ‘sooty’ materials rather than variably sooty and salty materials that are available elsewhere. This ensures that our customers benefit from the best available cost to technical performance ratio, greater cell design flexibility and enhanced process stability.

Cell Technology Typical Application Ceimig Product Group
PEM Cathode catalysts Oxygen/air electrode Platinum Black (HSA-Pt)
Highly dispersed Pt, black in appearance, surface area ~ 32 m2g, tap density < 0.7 g/ cm3.

Platinum/Ruthenium (HSA Pt/Ru Black)
Pt/Ru, highly efficient fuel cell electrode material, low sulphate and chlorine content
PEM anode catalysts   Stabilised Iridium
Metal Assay 74-77%

If you have a Fuel Cell application or require specific material characteristics which are unavailable from current products Ceimig offers a Custom Compound Synthesis Service (CCSS) to help you meet the more challenging requirements.

Please feel free to contact us for further information regarding any of our products or for a discussion to find out how we can support your companies needs, either by phone on +44(0)1382 624127 or use the relevant Product Enquiry or Technical Enquiry forms.

Ceimig are ISO 9001 Certified
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